Poludyonnyy Yu. P 53 «General Concept of World Creation». – Ukraine, Kramatorsk: Kontrast, 2015 – 52 p. The book presents the author’s ideas about the structure of world creation. It is the attempt to combine religious and scientific knowledge. The mechanism of genesis and development of the matter is under consideration; it is viewed as a circle of energy and information transformation. The model of the world creation and the cycle of Universe existence based on the Set Theory are presented in the article. Proof by contradiction is used for grounding artificial genesis of the matter. The notion of ‘informa’ is introduced as the substance of the world creation. It exists independently and becomes a cornerstone of existence. Informa is a universal plurality where consciousness and matter become united. The general concept of the world creation is forwarded in the article. The aims of creation and existence of the matter are pointed out; the fact that the Universe is an informational imitational model finding its embodiment in material objects while time and space are its is characteristic features is underlined. The Universe is an incommensurably small unit as compared to informa. The center of the world creation has been shifted from the Universe and matter to informa and non-material world. World creation has turned from nonliving to living and intelligent where God is the world’s consciousness and the Creator of everything that is living. The matter has transformed from something limitlessly big and eternal into small and final units. This concept is the author’s hypothesis, which he presents to the readers. It is presented in the form of a treatise without proofs and references to religious and scientific facts, although they certainly lie in its cont Translated to English Philosophical edition Poludyonnyy Yuriy Aleksandrovich General Concept of World Creation © Poludyonnyy Yu., 2015.


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